Launch Day! I have been counting down the days for BUZZD to launch and the day is FINALLY here! BUZZD creamer is a powder formula combination of coconut milk powder, turmeric, cinnamon and MCT powder (for brain function-yes please)!

Source BUZZD Nutrition

I ‘met’ Lauren (co-founder of BUZZD) on clubhouse just hours before her big pitch. Lauren’s energy was contagious and I don’t think it was just the six coffees she admittedly consumed. I was instantly rooting for her and tuned in to her pitch in front of Arlene Dickenson (!) on Clubhouse and she CRUSHED it! BUZZD completely blew away the competition and is now gearing up to pitch to the Dragons on Dragons Den!

Head over to Indiegogo NOW to purchase their creamer and upgrade your coffee, smoothies, oatmeal and be part of this success story. We have definitely upped our at-home coffee game the last year and we are excited to add BUZZD to our daily routine. I’m not a super big fan of coconut, but the taste is described as a chai flavour and the coconut adds creaminess. So excited to start my days with this amazing Canadian brand and I can’t wait to watch their BUZZD grow! Stay tuned for a review.

xx Elizabeth

Source BUZZD Nutrition

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