Destination: Mount Brydges

Antique Allie-A Treasure to be discovered

Antique Allie

If you arrive during opening hours and the door is locked, consider yourself….lucky. Yes, lucky. Make your way past the barber shop and around the side of the building toward the Annex (don’t worry, I looked it up, Annex is a fancy word for extra). And is it ever….extra; extra special, extra magical, extra unique. For me, I am instantly comforted by reminders of home and my grandfather’s workshop, the captivating sights and smell, a mix of varnish, wood, and coffee.

The Annex

As I make my way through the rows and rows of furniture waiting to be reimagined and brought back to life, she appears. Brenda, not Allie, her laughter proceeds her and her bedazzled coffee mug greet you as she pops up from behind her latest creation. (Side note: Allie was Brenda’s dog and I absolutely love that she named her shop after Allie.) I admire her latest creation, little red riding hood artistly painted onto a gorgeous black dresser. I kick myself when she tells me it sold the day she posted it online, I can see why. She will paint any of her pieces for you and you can take home your own story. 

The Annex


Brenda has her own magic, similar to the dancing and singing furniture in Beauty and the Beast, bringing furniture long forgotten back to life. Each piece with its own history with more life and stories to tell. As a fellow dog lover, the Annex feels like a dog shelter for furniture. If you have ever just browsed at dogs for adoption, you’ll understand the feeling of ‘browsing’ the Annex. You’ll start envisioning your home with the perfect antique dresser that will fit just right on that bare wall you have. And heck, that vanity will look perfect painted gray, and we will just have to make room for it! 


Photo Submitted by Antique Allie

When you make your way back into the store you can browse more furniture and treasures handpicked for you to adopt, I mean purchase! If you’re feeling inspired to take on your project, Brenda stocks a variety of paint and decals for you to create your own magic. 

Paint Selection

Willow & Lace-Urban Oasis

brick building with black sign and lights text Willow and Lace
Willow & Lace Exterior

If you are looking to shop some more, which I am sure you are, make your way just down a few blocks and cross the street to Willow and Lace. You’ll wonder how you’ve been transported to the ‘big city’ as the most gorgeous boutique, tucked between the historical buildings of Mount Brydges appears before you. The perfectly styled vintage couch reminds me of a certain coffee shop in New York where fictional characters come to gather and sip coffee, which you’ll find in the back of the store. Only you won’t have to suffer a musical tribute to smelly felines. (If you’re completely lost, please google Regina Philange).

blue couch and decorative items
Cozy Couch-Willow & Lace

As you browse, you’ll get lost in each perfectly curated item. Every corner of the shop is perfectly decorated and waiting to be discovered. Everything from soap to candles to glassware is perfectly displayed and invites you to reimagine your own space. You find yourself dreaming of the cottage you hope to one day have and how perfectly it will be decorated. If you come to shop for a unique gift, please be warned, you will walk away with something for yourself, as well. 

Household Decor-Willow & Lace

Luiza is an inspiration to business owners and I am in awe of her story. She started her business in 2020 out of her home and took the plunge shortly after to open a brick and mortar store. Luiza lights up as she tells you about how her dream came to life. It’s the first time I’ve experienced someone talk about their dream as we are standing in it! That’s exactly how I would describe Willow and Lace, it’s a place where dreams start and you can be transported to the city, or the cottage, or to…Central Perk. 

Luiza-Owner of Willow & Lace

Merosmith-Strong Foundations


Since you’re already reimagining your space, continue next door to Merosmith and watch as your Pinterest board comes to life. If you’ve been thinking of a remodel in your home, maybe you’re ready to rip out that old carpet, but you don’t know where to start stroll into Merosmith to begin your project. The store is lined with endless samples of tile and flooring samples. 

Dale-Owner of Merosmith

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with your project, don’t worry! Dale describes Merosmith as a gentlemen’s suit store; think of the flooring as the suit and your tile as the accent, like a tie or pocket square. Merosmith will walk you through every step of the process from selection to installation to give you a custom design. They offer samples for you to take home and view in your space to ensure you get just the right material. 

Samples at Merosmith

Before opening Merosmith, Dale was completing tile and flooring installs. Merosmith, like Willow and Lace, also opened their doors in 2020 to great success. Merosmith offers everything from design to install services to ensure your next remodel is a success. I highly recommend stopping in before starting your next project. 

Tile Samples-Merosmith

Thank you to each of the small businesses in Mount Brydges for opening their businesses to me and sharing their inspiring stories. The sense of community between each business owner made me proud to call Mount Brydges home. I hope you will make the trip to Mount Brydges sometime soon, you won’t regret it!


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