peanut butter cheesecake

My Cheesecake Addiction


peanut butter cheesecake
Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Have you ever had a dessert so good it dominated your thoughts? You found yourself looking for ways to bring it up in a conversation? You savoured each and every bite as it melted onto your tongue? You hesitated brushing your teeth because you wanted to hold onto the taste (ok, maybe that one was just me)? You dreaded the day you would finish it? For me, it was My Cheesecake Addiction and the cake definitely lived up to its name. I am now addicted.

My boyfriend requested a cheesecake for his birthday this year and I went into panic mode. I freaked out for two reasons, one, he is a professionally trained chef and two, he always knocks my birthday cakes out of the park. How in the heck would I find a cheesecake that was worthy of him? To the Google I went; yes, ‘the’ Google. Insert feverishly typing, scrolling, and  still panicking. Each time I got close to checking out and pulling the trigger, nothing seemed to be *just* right. Until, I stumbled upon My Cheesecake Addiction, the cheesecakes looked sensational. My only hurdle left was which flavour to pick… peanut butter cup, Oreo, or Chocoholic’s Dream?? After a bit more agony, I decided peanut butter was the winner and it did NOT disappoint.

More Cheesecake!

I should say here that not only was the cake delicious, but the customer service was top notch! I have absolutely no complaints 🙂 Now, onto the flavour experience.

Typically, I am not a big fan of crust…whether it be on a sandwich, toast, pie, or yes, even cheesecake. With My Cheesecake Addiction, I found myself eating the crust first. Yes, first!! The chocolate cookie crust was delectable (said in Jack Black’s voice in the movie the Holiday). Maybe that isn’t a memorable line from the movie, but hopefully  you get my drift? Basically, it was amazing. Peanut butter filling with peanut butter whipped topping and mini peanut butter cups sprinkled throughout, my tongue was dancing. My boyfriend said, ‘I know my way around a cheesecake and this one is dang good.’

Disclaimer: I will say, this cheesecake brought out our selfish side. We had friends over and made no mention of the cheesecake. We offered up other snacks, but never considered offering our precious nectar.

Now, tell me, which flavour would you pick next? Chocholic’s Dream or Oreo? or both?



(still drooling)



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