Little gifts to brighten your loved one’s day. For me, it is the little things that end up meaning the most. A little gift given at home means so much more to me than a ‘grand gesture’ in public.

Love Bug

For your furry ones, I absolutely love BK Paws and Co’s Valentine’s Day collection! Their Valentine’s dog tags are the perfect accessory for your….(should I say fur baby here? nope I won’t do it).  I love the neutral aesthetic of their love bug bandana. Your pet could easily wear this multiple times throughout the year, birthdays, gotcha day, etc).

Blush Candle

Northern Rose has a variety of Valentine’s Day candles. I think my love for candles comes from not being allowed to burn them as a child. Well duh, what kid is playing with candles??? I digress. Now that I am so mature and responsible (ha if you know me), I love having mini fires in my house. Woodwick (check!) Neutral (check) Hidden message (surprise check!).


Fabowlous Bows has an adorable collection of Valentine’s Day hair accessories. Their clips are selling out fast! I love the versatility of the long tailed silk scrunchie. The scrunchie comes in 4 colours and is the perfect accessory to tame a messy bun.

Happy love day to you <3



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