peonies in blush pink
peonies in blush pink
Photo by Secret Garden from Pexels

Show local businesses the love this Valentine’s Day! Gifts for everyone from your galentines to your kids!

Dapper and Chic Boutique has an entire Valentine’s day line! Check out all of her adorable designs. I cannot pick just one favourite!! Be sure to use my code CANADAFINDS to save 10% on your order!

Pink shirt with small white heart
Dapper & Chic Valentine’s Day Shirt

Cozy up with Nicnakknits‘ handmade blankets and pillows! Nicole’s blankets make you feel like you are getting a hug! Perfect for snuggling up this cold Canadian winter and they come in a variety of sizes and colours-even pet blankets!

taupe and white handmade blankets
Nicnakknits Blankets

Made by Victoria K has adorable designs just for Valentine’s today. Check out her heart can glass design below! She also has a variety of Starbuck’s cold cup designs. Pair it with a coffee giftcard for the perfect gift!

can glass with red heart design; pink tissue paper inside
Made by Victoria K Can Glass

Add a Valentine’s Day Card from Makky Grace Digital Art to add the perfect sentimental touch to your gift! She has a variety of designs to choose from! While you’re at her shop, check out her other adorable creations.

pink valentine with hearts and two pens
Makky Grace Valentine

Namaste Zen Den has beautiful rose quartz bath bombs with moisturizing coconut oil-perfect for this dry and cold winter! 5% of every order goes toward mental health initiatives. Pssst be sure to check out the gift wrapping option!

white bath bombs with rose quartz
Namaste Zen Den Bathbomb

Silla Vita has adorable macramé hearts in pink or white! Pair them with a candle or glass/cup and you have a complete gift. She also makes adorable heart key chains.  DM her on Instagram to order.

macrame hearts
Silla Vita Macramé Hearts

Ollia in Calgary make my favourite macarons! They have a beautiful selection for Valentine’s Day including red velvet, strawberry champagne, dark chocolate salted caramel, ruby raspberry, and chocolate dipped cherry hearts! They also offer delivery!

assorted variety of macarons
Ollia Valentine’s Day Macarons

Beacon Hill Candle Company has a cinnamon hearts candle, perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can pick from a variety of vessels, I am loving the luxury textured glass option. She even offers the scent in a wax melt or room spray! With prices starting at $8.50 these candles are a great option.

glass candle on books
Beacon Hill Candle Company Candle

Nova Rae Co.’s Love Collection offers wood wick candles in two different sizes. The scent is an elegant blend of Sugar Dipped Berries, Pink Cotton Candy, Whipped Cream, and Noir. The love vessel would be great to repurpose after the candle is enjoyed!

two love candles
Nova Rae Co Love Candles


I’d love to know which items you’ll be picking up this holiday. We could all use a little more love <3

xx Elizabeth

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  1. What a sweat little gift guide ❤️ So many great local businesses to support! Great post!! HAPPY VALENTINES!

    1. Thanks Natasha! Your bath bombs are the perfect gift!

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